November 16, 2018

Mountain Bikes

The 2016 Outside magazine article linked above, says "At the bare minimum, we recommend looking at hardtails for no less than $1,500 and full suspension at $2,000 to $2,500." The Icebike article says that you can get "a really good bike" for $700 to $800. It just goes to show that everyone has their perspective. My bike is an $800 bike (new) that I got on sale for $600. Buying a used bike changes all this, but brings on its own set of issues.

Tucson area rides

One article lists the following as 5 "best" rides in the Tucson area: There is an old trail rating system, sadly still in use, that uses numbers and letters like 2A, 3B, (9X for all I know). Despite many searches, I have yet to find this explained. Apparently it is being replaced by a new (better!) ski run like system with green, blue, and various black diamond ratings. MTB Project has an excellent phone app that I found extremely helpful when I first visited the Honeybee Canyon trail.
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