November 19, 2016

Care and Feeding of a heavy bag

I inherited an Everlast "heavy bag". A 100 pounder. It was packed as hard as concrete. I took it apart and discovered a surprising quantity of shredded rags along with a number (10 or 12) bags of sand, each 5 pounds.

I was somewhat surprised to find out that this is a common problem. One fellow says he repacks his bag 3 to 4 times a year!

I see the advice repeated to not store the bag on its hanger, but to take it down and lay it on its side when not in use. Easier said than done most definitely.

Lots more information available via internet searches. Many people buy bags empty and figure out how to fill them. This saves about $100, not to mention shipping charges.

Rags are indeed the main stuffing. Some people say to blend sand with the rags, but most say to put the sand in bags, just like mine had, and keep them in the center of the packing. Many people get rid of the sand bags altogether, or put them at the bottom and sometimes also the top of the bag only. Some people use a mix of sand and sawdust.

Don't leave a heavy bag hanging outdoors. At least store it upside down.

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