October 6, 2016

The Kyu real-time operating system -- BBB "to do" list

These are things not yet implemented, but either in progress or seriously contemplated.


This should be simple, but I haven't needed it, so am ignoring it for now.

analog inputs

These are part of the "touchscreen controller". They might be easy to get working and it would be a pleasant diversion before attacking TCP networking. 8 channels of 12 bits with a 125 ns conversion time. 0 to 1.8 volt range. One channel may be dedicated to a voltage reference.

TCP networking

This is the big item currently in progress. We have UDP, along with important clients like TFTP.

USB support

This is the next big thing after TCP is working. I would dearly love to have a USB console instead of using a USB to serial gadget on the serial port. Supporting the outbound USB port would come later.

Improved serial support

Kyu currently supports uart0 in a polled mode only. This is fine, and probably advantageous for development and testing, but for production work it should be possible to switch this to being interrupt driven. Also the BBB has 6 uarts altogether and it should not be hard to generalize the driver to support them all.


We use one timer to drive scheduling and delays, but the BBB has other timers (it has 8 all told) and it would be nice to write a driver so they all can be used for any number of things.

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