Spyderco Knives

Spyderco has become my favorite knife maker. I'll give you three reasons.

One is the hole. I infinitely prefer the hole to any other way to open a knife. The hole is pure genius. It simply works far far better than a stud. Case closed.

Two is the sharpening. Spyderco takes pride in sharpening their knives and they do it properly. Out of the box, Spyderco knives tend to blow me away. Many (most) other makers are shockingly sloppy about sharpening their otherwise superb knives. Don't ask me why. A sharp edge is what a knife is all about.

Three is the attitude. I am always amazed when Sal from Spyderco contributes to forum discussions. He and his son Eric clearly love knives. For them it goes beyond making money.

My favorite Spyderco is the Manix. The Paramilitary is a close second.

Sprint runs and exclusives

I called BladeHQ to ask about how to find out about sprint runs and such. They say the way is to peruse their "Coming Soon" page and if you see something interesting, click the link to "email me" when it comes available. This adds it to your "wish list" with the options set to email you when it becomes available.

Knifeworks is where I got one Spyderco Sprint (a military with CTS204P).
BladeHQ supplied my next via a waiting list (the Manix-2 CF with 154CM and S90V).

Interesting knives

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