Exotic Knives

These are knives that are interesting in some way (to me), but in general too expensive to rush out and buy.

Microtech Halo V

I had a chance to hold and fiddle with one of these. Absurdly dangerous. Totally out of the question to carry in your pocket. Actually there is almost no safe way to carry it. Probably the kind of thing you simply buy because it is cool and/or you want to impress your friends.

There are cheap clones available at 1/10 of the price. A cheap clone of an already hazardous item raises questions. Read the reviews of the clones before spending your money.

Note in the "B" video, the fellow has some more practical looking automatic knives from Microtech.

Chris Reeves Sebenza

This is out of my price range, but I hear a lot about it. For many, it is the folding knife against which all others are compared. It is a stud opener, which has me looking cockeyed at it. There are different variants and blade lengths, so study up before spending your money.

Also there is a newer model, the Inkosi, available in small and large sizes. This is a stud opening titanium frame lock knife, that looks virtually identical to the Sebenza to my eyes.

The small Inkosi is 2.75 inches, with S35VN steel, and $375.

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