First, here is a link to the Tucson Area MLS.

And here is the Long Realty home page.

Note that 1 acre is 43560 square feet.
0.25 acres is 10890 square feet.

Here is a link to

Here is a link to

Here is a link to some notes on home buying strategy from talking to SC.


There are lots of books about house buying and selling. The library has lots of them and things are always changing, so it pays to get recent data (some things on the other hand, never change).

Home buying (and selling) for Dummies
I just want to get these off my chest and move on. I hate these books. I despise the insulting titles. I detest the heavily edited content and style. Do yourself a favor and get a book written by a human.

Buy your first home by Robert Irwin, 2005
A nice small and concise book in its third edition. Reads nicely and seems good so far.