Second Attempt to Climb Mount Whitney

This was a solo trip done in September sometime between 1990 and 1999.

I had travelled to Yosemite, met a friend, and done some rock climbs in Tuolumne. This had me well aclimated and in good shape to zip into the Whitney area and bag a couple of peaks.

After climbing and hiking for the better part of a week in Tuolumne, I drove to the Bay Area for my fathers birthday, then returned to the east side of the Sierra for a bit more climbing, but now by myself.

Day 1 - drive to Lone Pine, get my permit and hike in.

Day 2 - climb Mount Russell from the Saddle between Russell and Carillon.

Day 3 - climb Whitney East face route, descending via the North Face and Mountaineers Route.

Day 4 - hike out and head home.

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