Desert Mountains

For some time, I have jokingly kicked around the idea of making it a game to try to visit every mountain range in the deserts of Arizona and California. This could easily be expanded to include Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico, but two states will do for now. In early 2009, I decided to actually make a list and see how my score was going thus far. I am dividing the desert areas in Arizona and California into "zones" as I see fit (it is my game after all), but hopefully the divisions will make some sense to others also.

The way the game is played, just a day visit doesn't count, you have to spend a night camping. A significant hike counts also. Enough time has to be spent to taste the flavor of that mountain range.

Arizona - southeast

Since I live in Tucson, these are my regular stomping grounds.

Arizona - southwest

Anything on the "other side of Phoenix", or out towards Yuma.

Arizona - central highlands

Not really desert, but there are lots of places to visit that will be more pleasant in the summer months.

Arizona - northwest

Up around Kingman and northwest of Wickenburg.

California - central mohave

Pretty much anything that isn't in what I call the Death Valley Area.

California - Death Valley area

I tell people I am going to Death Valley and end up anyplace almost, so I will define this in my own fashion.

California - south

Anything south of Joshua Tree National Park, and maybe even I will include the Park as well in this zone. I am tempted to exclude the mountains to the west of Salton Sea, they are just to close to San Diego.
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