April 12, 2017

Some notes on buying a hammock

You need to realize that I have yet to do this. I am hammock camping with my homemade gathered end hammock and am entirely satisfied.

If I was going to buy a hammock, I would first look hard at the offerings from Dutch:

My second choice, if I didn't find exactly what I wanted from Dutch and felt I was in the market for a hammock with an integrated bug net would be to buy a War Bonnet Black Bird. They have an XLC model for folks who are 6 foot and over.

My third choice might be a hammock from Henessey, but probably not. A lot of people have started with Henessey and moved to a WBBB, and for a variety of reasons. One is that the Henessey is not long enough for a person 6 foot or taller.

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