TOPO! disk index

This is my "index" of what is on the TOPO! cdroms that I have.
The main use is figuring out what disk you need to cover what area in a general way.
Note that TOPO! handles 5 scale levels as follows:

If you actually install TOPO! under windows, you will get the first 3 levels from the first disk on the hard drive. To go to level 4, you need to insert disk 1 for that state. To get to level 5, you need to insert the appropriate disk of 2 thru N.

It has been years since I actually ran TOPO! and even then I tricked it by having the disk images on my hard drive, so I could be wrong about what I just said, but this seems to be the way it is.

Arizona Set (8 CD's)

California Set (10 CD's)

Nevada Set (7 CD's)

Alaska Set (10 CD's)

Ships with TOPO! v4.5 2009
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