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May 16, 2013 - Gtopo 0.9.21

The -f switch to gtopo to display a single TPQ file had broken and was causing a floating point exception, this is now fixed. (This was a regression bug after some of the Alaska changes). Also on line comments in the config file are now allowed.

August 16, 2012 - Gtopo 0.9.19

Minor fixes to allow gtopo to build and run on Fedora 17. gdk_pixbuf_unref is deprecated, so we now use g_object_unref. Also needed to add -lm to the link line, which is odd.

July 23, 2011 - Gtopo 0.9.17

Work continues on supporting the Alaska maps. Some of my basic assumptions regarding the map structure does not hold way up there. In particular, the size of "maplets" is not homogenous within a series, (in particular the 63K series). Fixing this will require some major internal overhauls. Work is in progress.

June, 2011 - Gtopo 0.9.16

A fellow in Alaska contacted me, who really wanted to use gtopo and was not able to. To my surprise, things are very different up in Alaska. There are very few 24K scale maps, most of the state is mapped at a 63K scale, the map set includes 250K scale maps instead of 500K scale maps, so it was no wonder gtopo was not working.

Gtopo version 0.9.16 is the first to attempt to support Alaska, and hopefully will not introduce any regression bugs for the lower 48. Making the changes necessary (and the effort to figure out the program without thinking about it for almost 3 years) has me thinking about some internal rearranging that I may dive into for a new major version. Version 0.9.16 has one major wart, and that is that it treats the 24K for the lower 48 and the 24K for Alaska as two distinct series (calling the latter 24K_AK). I don't like this at all, and intend to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is just a crutch to get the Alaska maps up and running quickly.

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