November 26, 2016

Intel Galileo - Gen 2 - IO pin inventory

As I have mentioned before, I have no interest or intention of using the Arduino IDE for any purpose. But to understand the Galileo IO structure, it is important to remember this statement in the Galileo user guide:
The Galileo is designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with Arduino shields designed for the Uno R3.

The Pinout

It is almost tragic, but the best documentation here seems to be the Arduino Uno documents, rather than anything explicitly provided for the Galileo.
Shame on Intel.

Here is a quick run through of the Galileo "arduino compatible" IO pins from an outside world perspective.

The "arduino pins" are provided via two rows of black female connectors at 0.1 inch centers. These apparently have dimensions that make it possible to plug an Arduino shield onto them.

Note that the six analog input pins may also be used for gpio. This makes 20 gpio lines if they are all so used.

With the Galileo in front of you so you can read the silkscreen, there are four connector groups.

Digital IO 0 and 1 may be configured to be Rx and Tx respectively for the uart. The 4 "misc" pins on the upper left connector are (from left to right): The 7 power pins are (from left to right):
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