March 14, 2024

Gaia GPS

I have begun using this on my android phone (currently a Pixel 6) in lieu of my own "atopo" app. The biggest reason is Android Auto. My new (2023) Toyota 4runner supports Android auto and along with Gaia, I can get high quality maps displayed on the center console of my vehicle. This is unbelievably useful. I investigated the idea of adapting my own android app to work with Android Auto, but there is an "allowed list" of eligible apps, and I am skeptical of getting approval and too lazy to investigate ways to bypass the restrition.

So far Gaia has been excellent and for the money (I have a premium subscription) it saves me time and seems to have better map data in many areas than the USGS topos I use in my own app. My premium subscription costs me $39.99 per year (for 2023 to 2024).

Offline maps

This is absolutely critical for what I do. I have already been in places where Gaia just gives up and I get a "Gaia not responding) on my vehicle console. I will note that I have seen several reports of people who were backpacking and had downloaded offline maps and then had them "vanish" when they were in the field. The story is that you cannot entirely rely on your phone and Gaia offline maps. You need some kind of backup system. I try it again: I may just give it several minutes, in case things are in progress and it just isn't doing anything nice like telling me "download complete". Then I will turn off cell and wifi on my Pixel and see if Gaia works. It seems to!
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