May 12, 2022

FPGA - Xilinx Vivado software

I started trying to work with Vivado shortly after I got my EBAZ4205 boards in January of 2021. I set it aside, then acquired some Digilent boards (Zybo and Zeboard). Now I am making a second pass at it in May of 2022 after having some success with Xilinx ISE and the Spartan 3E starter board I have.


Vivado is a software product from Xilinx. It is a big fancy thing, and if you want the full version a "seat" will cost you something like $5000. They offer a free "webpack" version. There is lots of documentation. This is good, since for me this is all about learning.

Getting started

A recommended starting point using the Zedboard is the basic tutorial:


There are a number of PDF documents from Xilinx. Search for "Vivado Design Suite User guide" and "Vivado Design Suite tutorial" to find most (all?) of them. My guess is that there are easily 2000 pages. This link has Documentation links, as well as "Getting Started" and "video" links.

And holy cow -- even a Zynq-7000 Embedded Design Tutorial (ug1165).

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