April 26, 2022

FPGA - Spartan 3E board - Overview

The box is labeled "Digilent Spartan 3E Starter".

The big deal is the Spartan-3E FPGA which has 500,000 gates and over 10,000 logic cells.

In addition, you get:

FX2 connector

What the heck is this? It is a 100 pin expansion connector. Read more here: Digilent offers a myriad of things that plug into the PMOD connectors. As just one of many, here is a handy wire terminal adapter:


The brochure mentions a 32 bit RISC processor, which I suppose is one IP block that could be configured in the FPGA. Will this be available via ISE Webpack? I sort of doubt it, but haven't really checked yet.

Big chips on board

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