May 20, 2022

My FPGA projects

I am at the end of nearly 2 weeks of intense work learning how to work with various FPGA's. I realized that my projects were best kept in chronological order in one place, rather than scattered around according to the software tool or device they were run on.

I have settled on Vivado 2019.1 along with the SDK as the best tool for what I want to do. Vivado 2021 or 2022 work fine if you only want to generate bitstreams, but if you want to do anything with the PS you will want 2019.1 with the SDK. Vitis is the new thing, and I fully intend to work with it and probably transition to it ... someday.

The PS - PL tutorial

I ran across this pair of videos and once I was able to fumble around with Vivado, followed my way through them, which paid off nicely. He works with the Arty-Z7-10, which is pretty much like any Zynq based starter board like the Zybo or Zedboard.
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