June 2, 2022

FPGA - books

Before I take off on Verilog/VHDL books, let me say this. You are doing digital design. So it is worth considering books that simply address digital design.

The title on this one catches my eye. The book is from 1993, yet still sells for $120. So far, I will pass on this one.

FPGA - books on Verilog and VHDL

As far as Verilog versus VHDL, I don't have a dog in the fight. And I don't have an opinion as yet. People say you will end up learning both and doing so is no big deal. I started with Verilog, so I will probably continue rather than confusing myself by trying to learn both side by side.

People recommend various online resources rather than books, and I have links elsewhere. I like books, so here we go.

Note that Verilog and VHDL are used for many things besides FPGA. They are used for ASIC design, and that explains the emphasis books place on simulation, testing, test benches and such. As far as I know, HDL languages are used to design processors and perhaps almost all digital hardware of any complexity in use today.

Verilog books

I now have a small stack. They are all rather poor. I wish for something as good as the Pedroni book on VHDL. The best seems to be the book by Samir Palnitkar "Verilog HDL". It has a nice logical progression and is well written. From 2003 though, nearly 20 years old. It is incredible that a truly good book has not been published in 20 years.

VHDL books

Circuit Design with VHDL, third edition, Pedroni, MIT press.
This is $41 used and $51 new. It is clearly a textbook, so prices for used copies of the current edition are retaining high prices. I see a used copy of the second edition for $10 (and that includes shipping), so I will order it. It was published in 2010.

Free Range VHDL, Tappero and Mealy
This is a free book! And reviews seem good. You can download a PDF copy (and I did). I don't like this as well as holding a book in my hand, but you can't beat the price. You can buy a paper copy, but it is a snapshot (circa 2013) and the online book is 2018 and perhaps has recent revisions.

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