January 2, 2020

Hot Chocolate

So, Swiss Miss changed their formula. The new improved stuff is garbage, so I am on the hunt for something to replace it. I am looking for something to just mix with water and give me an acceptable hot drink.

The ingredient list is the first thing to check. The first ingredient is always sugar, and that is fine. It is a truly good sign if the second ingredient is cocoa. If the first two ingredients are not sugar and cocoa, If the ingredient list is long, complex, and full of things you never heard of and can't imagine why they are in there, look elsewhere.

Swiss Miss

The stuff I have in a 4.78 pound (76.5 ounce) canister marked "new and improved" is crap. I was excited because it came in an even bigger can. The stuff I bought before that in a smaller 58.4 ounce canister was the old good stuff. Do I dare buy the 58.4 ounce canister that I still see available? Maybe they abandoned the "new and improved" garbage.

Land of Lakes "Chocolate Supreme"

I find this in 1.25 ounce packets at my local supermarked for 99 cents. A pricey cup of hot chocolate. I packet mixes with 6 ounces of hot water. I can get 36 of these for $25 online, bringing the price down to 70 cents.

O Organics hot cocoa mix

This was available at my Safeway. It was rated last of 10 in one list, with the claim that it tasted more like coffee than cocoa. The first two ingredients are sugar and cocoa, which is what sold me. I have 12 ounces to try out, so I will report back with my opinions.


Described as "devoid of chocolate flavor" and "like the cheap stuff you buy at football games".


Gets good reviews.

Equal Exchange

You get 3 12 ounce canisters (at Amazon) for $21. Worth trying, except that it must be made with milk. Bah!
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