Dennys at 3702 E. Irvington *

Well, here it is, my first 1 star review. You would expect Dennys to be decent food, predictable, but nothing ordinary, and some Dennys are still like this (reliable 3 star breakfast spots). The Dennys in Needles, California for example is still on my good list.

This particular Dennys served me food that was awful. It looked bad the moment it arrived, much like some too old leftovers I might have found at home and thrown out. This is food to die for, in the worst possible sense. The bright side is that it didn't make me sick. If I could live that night over I would have complained the moment it arrived and paid for my drinks and left. The opening line would be "do you actually expect me to eat this?". I'll do some assertiveness training and try to do better next time.

Service was OK, and I did not complain about the food. One friend has advised against that, claiming that even if they take it back and bring something else, they will doubtlessly spit in it or do something worse.

Any price was out of line for this food. Dennys in general are a bit overpriced for what they offer, but this was something in another league. Here is the receipt for this tragic, terrible meal: (December 9, 2008 8:32 PM at 3702 E. Irvington Road)

Country Fried Steak  9.59
Grilled Chicken      9.59
Iced Tea	     1.99
Coffee		     1.75
Tax	             1.40
TOTAL		    24.32

Like many Dennys, this place shows its age and is bordering on "tacky". Not cool enough to be called "retro".

Coffee - acceptable.

I won't bother to go back, and won't encourage you to visit.

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