The Hungry Fox **

I am giving this place 2 stars after a visit 11-10-2009. Much as I hate to say it, this place seems to be on the skids. This was once a nice quaint little place that seems to be finishing its transformation into a greasy spoon. Homemade bread is still available, which is always a good thing, but didn't pull these ratings out of the ditch.

Food was acceptable. The omelet incorporated "American" process cheese, which is pretty bad.

Service was pleasant. (But it hasn't always been, often times the waitresses seem stern, and give me the feeling "you don't belong here").

Price was much too high for mediocre food. I paid $12 for breakfast for one before the tip, including $2 for some pretty bad coffe and $1.75 to get a little bowl of gravy to go with my coffee. Like a posh resort, you are expected to pay for every little thing.

Ambience is tending to be a bit funky. This place has been around a while and is getting a little threadbare. At one time I would have called it "quaint", now I am not so sure.

Coffee - pretty bad. I did order coffee around the noon hour, but it had clearly been sitting around much too long.

This place triggered some urgent restroom visits, a distinct bad sign that clinches the 2 star rating.

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