Cup Cafe ****

The "Cup Cafe" is in the Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson (311 E. Congress). This is a mixed bag. Driving anywhere in downtown Tucson is always a nightmare and something I almost strictly avoid. On the other hand, on the two occasions when I visited this restaurant for breakfast, I immediately found a parking spot in the tiny parking lot, so I really cannot complain.

Hours: (7-11 M-F, 7-1 Sa/Sun)

My most recent visit was in July of 2013.

The food here has always been excellent, and there are unique things on the menu. The place is special and interesting. They make a lot of the fact that John Dillinger has a historical connection to the Hotel Congress. The Hotel Congress is interesting to visit, and the Cup Cafe is just one aspect of the hotel.

My only complaint, if you want to call it that, would be that the prices are a bit steep. For this reason (and the whole downtown driving and parking hassle issue) I won't be making this one of my regular spots. It is definitely an enjoyable place to eat breakfast once in a while though.

Coffee - very good.

Service - superb, impeccable.

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