Bobos Restaurant ****

On the south side of Grant, just west of Country Club. The Address is 2938 East Grant Road.

The food is pretty much classic hearty greasy spoon stuff. (You know what to expect when the sign outside says "just like mom's cooking"). I saw a plate with a gigantic blueberry pancake drift by to another table on my April, 2010 visit, and it got my attention! This is a place for pancakes, definitely their specialty and you won't go wrong trying what they have.

The place is busy, crowded, and noisy. Too noisy for my taste, but part of the ambience. Maybe I am just getting old (maybe). Hard to hold a conversation. In any event, this place is a "Tucson phenomenon", so you just have to be in the mood. The food pretty much makes up for the ruckus, but you have to be OK with a dose of grease. Next time I think I'll order pancakes, even though I cook pancakes for myself at home every morning. They have pancake named the "flying saucer" that includes spinach that I think I need to try.

Prices are good, service is great. Coffee was good enough.

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