August 8, 2018

The Nanopi Fire3 - Buttons and Lights

First and foremost, there is an honest to goodness real reset button. Oh, what a happy day!! Thank you, whoever added that! After not having one (and having to add one to other boards (like the Orange Pi)) this is truly appreciated.

So you get two switches. One labelled "reset" and the other labeled "power". I don't have a clue what the power switch does. Whenever I plug my board in, it just fires up and boots. There is also a header nearby for an external power button or something of the sort. I have no idea yet what this is all about.

There are two LEDs on the board. One is a red power LED, which is what you expect and hope. The other is a green status LED. The schematic indicates that the status LED is turned on by pulling GPIO-B-12 low.

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