The Zimmerman Trial

August 19, 2013

The trial of George Zimmerman ended with a verdict of "not guilty" in July 13, 2013. This issue was a major topic in the media through much of the year, and frankly I avoided paying a lot of attention to it, although I recognized how significant it was.

I rejoiced at the final verdict, and later heard that the self defense expert Massad Ayoob had written an analysis (available online) of the attack on Zimmerman, the shooting that saved Zimmerman's life, and the trial that followed. I found his analysis here:

If this link becomes obsolete, you will hopefully be able to find it elsewhere by doing a search on "Zimmerman Ayoob" as I did.

In a nutshell, there was a massive propoganda campaign in the media that spread false information prior to the trial. It depicted the thug who attacked Mr. Zimmerman as a "child" and distributed pictures of him as a 12 year old alongside the most unflattering photos of Mr. Zimmerman that could be obtained. Mr. Zimmerman's attacker was a 17 year old man who began the attack by punching him without warning, then beating his head on the sidewalk, and ultimately threatening to kill him with his own weapon.

The trial itself was a peculiar example of political showmanship -- but thankfully the jury system served the ends of justice. The 14 part analysis written by Mr. Ayoob is very much worth reading. It provides a vivid picture of how the media can distort facts and how little trust we should place in the information it hands to us.

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