May 6, 2018

Understanding Women

As somebody said:
You can't live with 'em.
You can't shoot 'em
The following video helps make some sense of the situation: The following gives another bit of insight:
A man was walking along the beach and found an old brass jug laying in the sand. He picked it up and immediately a Geni emerged. "Forget all you have heard about three wishes!" he cried. "You get one wish, so make it good!". The man thought and then asked, "I have always wanted to travel to Hawaii, but I am afraid to fly, and I get terribly seasick on ships, so build me a highway so I can drive to Hawaii". The Geni responded indignantly, "Do you realize how much concrete and steel and work that would involve. That is absurd, think of something else!" The man thought some more, then became excited and said, "I have never understood women, but have always wished I was able to. Give me the wisdom and insight to understand women!" The Geni was struck dumb for a few seconds, then asked, "Do you want two lanes or four?"
And consider the cartoon showing the girl thinking, "I can change him", and the guy thinking, "I hope she never changes". These are facts of life that govern how the world operates.
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