Variety, the spice of life?


I owe this entirely to Jeff Cooper, although once I read his words, I immediately agreed.

Variety is not the spice of life, danger is the spice of life!
A life without variety would certainly be hell, and a change of routine can be the best form of vacation, but we are talking about something beyond that here. You can call it risk, danger, adventure; but they all express the same thought. Maybe there are some sheep-like people who want to avoid all risk, if so I feel sorry for them. Certainly there are some people who are all to eager (foolish?) to take risks, and I do not advocate that.

What I am saying is that there are some activities that are so rewarding that the enjoyment they yield far outweighs the risk involved. In my case this has been mountaineering in large part, but mine exploring has been nearly as important. Any world traveller understands this. Any entrepeneur has tapped into this same source. Scuba diving can offer this, although the neutered version being offered by most dive schools falls far short.

Thrill sports like bungee jumping, hang gliding, surfing, sky-diving all touch this realm. (Maybe not bungee jumping, there is something different there, what I am talking about involves some element of skill and knowledge).

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