September 14, 2018

Donald Trump, Christian hero

I have been watching an odd phenomena for some time, namely the embracing of our current president, Donald Trump, as some kind of hero by Christian groups. I find this strange and surprising, and thought that I would take some time to gather some information without any kind of prior bias. Apart from settling the issue for myself, I have hopes that some of my Christian friends might read this and reexamine their eagerness to embrace Mr. Trump.

Before examining various aspects of Mr. Trumps life, I wanted to comment on a peculiar tendency I have noted. This is a tendency to manufacture a hero. At one time people gave reluctant consideration to Mr. Trump as a candidate, then found themselves facing the choice of whether or not to vote for him. As this process continued, he seems to have evolved into some kind of hero in many of these peoples minds. Much like the phenomenon of people championing a sports team and cheering for them.

As a church-goer, Mr. Trump is Presbyterian. He is (or has been) a great fan of Norman Vincent Peale's preaching. Some quotes by him on God and religion:

"God is the ultimate"
"So nobody, no thing, no there's nothing like God."
"I think people are shocked when they find out that I am Christian, that I am a religious person,"
What you say is one thing, what you do can be another. It is worth looking at the man's marriages and relations with women:
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