New Years Resolutions


I have long been a mocker of New Years Resolutions, and I certainly am not alone in this. On the other hand, my life is always in need of improvement, and New Years is as good a time as any to take inventory of my life and set new goals. The main reason that New Years resolutions attract so much derision, is that most people abandon them and return to their old ways only a few weeks into the new year. We can do better, or at least we think we can.

I have never really talked about making resolutions, but about setting goals, and maybe that is something different. Life without goals is pretty pointless. I have found a lot of lifes greatest satisfaction in setting and achieving goals, some big and some small. I have a few shipwrecked and abandoned goals along the way, but not many, and I am much happier to have tried some things and failed than to have settled in to a comfortable lifestyle of mediocrity.

A good goal will make you a better person and draw the best out of you. A good goal will be clearly defined and measurable, and something you are totally serious about attaining. Some years back, my goal was to become a ski instructor. The real goal was to try to get hired as a ski instructor (and I did!), the actual outcome was in large part out of my hands.

Here are some goals from years past:

Here are some goals for the coming year:

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