May 24, 2017

War is a Racket

I ran across this little gem quite by accident.

It is a 14 page essay written by Major General Smedley D. Butler in 1935. You can buy it in printed form, but it is short and there is no particular reason not to read it online or print it out from online copies.

You can read the essay; the title speaks for itself. It is worth of note that a highly decorated USMC general would write something of this sort.

The Bonus Army

This incident is somewhat related (in the sense of World War I soldiers being exploited). During the great depression, out of work WW-I veterans assembled in Washington to press for early payment of service related "bonus pay" that would not be due them until 1945. Then president Hoover, dispatched troops to disperse the "bonus army". This was an unpopular move and is believed to be a major factor in his landslide loss to Franklin D. Roosevelt in the next election. Many aspects of this story would reward further study.
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