May 11, 2018

The ESP32 bootrom - disassembling the bootrom

This has turned into a significant project, and I am putting my work on Github at this location: I have a fair bit of experience from disassembling the ESP8266 bootrom and that is serving me well in this project. I decided to bite the bullet and "do this right" and work up my own disassembler. I am using Gnu objdump to do the low level dirty work. I am writing a ruby script that uses objdump to disassemble single lines, then parses that result.

My program does things like chase the execution path following branches and calls. The intent is to automate the process and get a better first cut at avoiding the plague of this whole business - which is bad disassembly when we get out of alignment with the instructions. I also chase and annotate l32r instructions, which save a lot of wasted time.

For details, see the code on Github.

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