January 8, 2016

The ESP32

This is an improved version of the infamous ESP8266 chip.

I ordered several devices with this chip in late 2016. Sparkfun was the first to actually send me something, namely the ESP32 "thing". Hats off to Sparkfun.

I will note that ESP32 devices I ordered from AliExpress were cancelled after a long wait. Also devices I ordered from Seeed studio also were cancelled after a long long wait. Sparkfun seems to be able to supply their "thing" and hats off to them.

Because of these disappointments ordering this device from China along with the greater price compared to the ESP8266, I have pretty much lost interest in the ESP32.

Reverse Engineering

I am not doing any of this, yet anyway, despite putting a lot of energy into reverse engineering the ESP8266. But other folks have picked up the baton: