February 17, 2017

The Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope

This oscilloscope is amazing. It is by far the best scope I have ever used, and I have used some nice Tektronix scopes (from a previous era). I bought mine lightly used off of Ebay for $340 (plus $20 shipping) in July of 2016. The 1052 is the 2 channel predecessor to the 1054. The 12 tips are quite good, here is my summary:


Go fetch the 1000Z manual, which covers this scope (281 page PDF) along with its brothers and sisters.

Screen capture (to USB stick)

This saves as NewFile1.png -- and increments the number automatically. You can try to use the painful keyboard, but it is far better to just let it pick filenames, keep track of them, and rename them youself later. The PNG "picture" captures are 800 by 480 images.
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