September 20, 2017

Geiger Counter

Here is a Hackaday project using a tiny SBM-10 tube. I have a big SBM-20 that I bought on Ebay (from Ukraine).

Mighty Ohm kit

This is a valuable site, with a lot of information about the SBM-20. He sells a kit, with a tube, for $100. Without the tube, you can get the kit for $40, which sounds like a great deal. Note that the SBM-20 tube sells for about $13 on Ebay. The FJN3303F transistor is a special part since it has to withstand 400 volts. It is currently readily available from Mouser for $0.46.

Other high voltage circuits

Turn your phone into a geiger counter

You buy a plug like thing for about $30 that you plug into the headphone jack on your android phone, load the proper software, and away you go! However, the reviews are terrible, so forget it!!
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