My notes on style and layout

I have spent a lot of wasted time fussing with trying to get text to wrap around images in html. My conclusion is that this is essentially hopeless, or at least there is no easy way to do it in a web layout that doesn't constrain the width of the layout, and even then ....

So my solution is to go ahead and constrain the width of the layout. Let it be 1200 or 1600 pixels. And be sure all images are full width or wider. Once you buy into this scheme, there is no text wrapping around the left or right sides of images and things become civilized.

Here is a link to a nice layout in the NY Times from 3/22/2017:

Here the photos are 1600 pixels wide and the text looks to be maybe 540 pixels.

Learning about CSS

I might have some CSS book someplace, but there are millions of on line tutorials. Here are some possibilities:
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