General Introduction

Computer security, and the whole business of security in general is a hot topic as the internet experiences explosive growth. Not to mention that the whole business of espionage, cryptography, and intelligence has always been of interest to computer people and layman alike.

Here are some sites that are vital, informative, worrisome, scary, or just plain interesting.

Important security info sites

CERT Coordination Center
Internet Request For Comments (RFC)
COAST Security Archive
The WWW Security FAQ

Not so important sites home page
The Linux HOWTO Index: HOWTO Index
Copyware NeverLock Unlocks Unprotects Copy Protection
X Window System Security
Frequently Asked Questions for Comp.sys.sun.admin
Sun Managers Summaries Archives
Sun Support Documents
Don't Spread that Hoax!
The Risks Digest Volume 16: Issue 81
sun-managers by thread
SAGE - Code of Ethics

Mobile Security

Securing mobile devices
Mobile device management guide
Mobile security devices
Mobile security report

Cracker/Hacker sites

Who's Watching Who?
2600 Magazine


The Bovine RC5 Cracking Effort Headquarters!
PGP Attacks
UBC Theoretical Physics Web