I just had the idea: it should be easy to convert a powerpoint presentation into a web page.
This could be a really bad idea, but lets see how far we can get.
The game is to write a program to "explode" a power point presentation into a plain text file and a bunch of images, then hand edit from there.

The Open Office Suite from sun is now available open source and could be a source of a lot of "documentation" in the form of source code -- ignoring for now the fact that it is an immense body of code.

The Apache Jakarta Project is an attempt to write a lot of java code to read windows office files, and may be a source of help.

There seems to be a fair bit of freeware/shareware to do what I describe above, but I have not yet turned up anything open source.

Rumor has it that Power Point 2007 uses an XML based format with .pptx extension. A .pptm file is a powerpoint presentation with "macro enabled" visual basic stuff inside. A .ppt file is a good old 1997-2003 powerpoint file (and what I intend to address here). A .pps file is a powerpoint presentation that will always open as a slide show. More info here.

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