Well, you are really into the deep water now! This part of my home page is devoted to the Convergent Technologies Miniframe. A little known, but interesting piece of computer hardware. These machines were manufactured back in the 1980's by Convergent Technologies and later was modified to become what is fondly known at the ATT 3b1 or 7300. The machines have an incredible amount in common.

Here is a thumbnail sketch of the miniframe hardware complement.

I acquired two of these back in the late 1980's when I had no other computers to fool around with at home (unless you call a Z80 S100 system a computer :-) ), and lavished quite a bit of attention on them. Now they are clearly obsolete, but still interesting to fiddle with .... perhaps.

To further tickle your interest, ponder these;
(these are a bit large, so click with forethought).

At some point, and if anyone exhibits any interest, I can put up the full set of my sources for anonymous ftp.