December 23, 2016


I used to have a page here entitled version control. You can still look at it, it has some notes on conversion from ancient software like CVS and SVN as well as some lame comparisons with other version control hopefuls like mercurial. These days any time wasted talking about anything other than GIT in the context of version control is just that, wasted time, so let us move on.

Key points

Use Git. If you are working someplace where you are required to use something else, find another job. If you are too lazy to convert projects on some old system, "man up" and convert those projects.

Get yourself a copy of "Pro Git".

Get in the swing of using Github. These days it is the defacto way of distributing software. You no longer download a tarball off some ftp or web site, but you clone from github.

Master git branching. Branching in GIT works and is easy.

GIT resources

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