April 16, 2018

Cell Phones

I have been using a cell phone (like most of the so called civilized world) for several years now. I have always intended to learn more about the technology involved and collect some notes .... right here. But I have yet to do much.


I have always used Verizon and been entirely satisfied with their service. There seems to be some validity to their claims to have a reliable network. Note that there are two "schemes" of cell phone transmission and encoding: They are incompatible, and a phone designed to work on a CDMA network may be hardware incompatible with a GSM network. Apple is the only maker I know of that sells phones that can work on either network -- though this may depend on the specific model number. The carriers have various stupid rules also that may limit your ability to change from one carrier to another, though this is always in a state of flux.

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