December 31, 2017

Books by Louis L'Amour

I enjoy reading westerns by Louis L'Amour. He mostly wrote westerns, though he did write some other kinds of books. I have tried some other western authors, and have been surprised that I don't like them much at all. I keep going back to the books by Louis L'Amour and am not disappointed. For one thing, the heros in Louis L'Amour's books are always men of excellent character, people that I can readily identify with, even admire and feel good about.

It is true though that after you have read several of his books, they all begin to feel oddly similar and familiar. That is OK. It is kind of like rereading the same book (something I will do with a particular favorite), but with some extra variety. And you will discover at some point that he has recycled material in various books, although not all that often.

These are simply fun books to read, not deep thinking or fine literature (whatever that might be). They are the perfect thing to read when you are sick, and laying around, and don't have energy for anything but reading.

You should ignore the pictures on the covers of the paperbacks. In almost every case they have nothing to do with the story, but are just there to set a "western mood" and sell the books.

Reading several of his books back to back, would be mind-numbing, something akin to chain smoking. I try to space out my reading of these books. About when I can't remember for sure the name of the last book I read, it might be a good time to read another.

Years ago at a yard sale, someone was selling a whole collection of his books, probably for $1.00 each. I made an offer for the whole bunch and took them all home. I dig through the box and try to pick one out that I am pretty sure I have not read already. And I mark the ones I have read so I don't read them twice -- unless I actually intend to.

If I had to pick an all time favorite, it would probably be "Flint".

Here is my list of books written by Louis L'Amour.

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