November 6, 2017

The Beaglebone White

These are often simply called "Beaglebone" without any color designation since they were the original beaglebone version. A friend had one of these laying in a pile of "junk" and let me grab and play with it. A bit of reading reveals the following differences between this unit and my old friend, the Beaglebone black: My unit has a XAM3359ZCZ chip.

The built in JTAG is perhaps the most interesting and unique thing. It also still has the same pads to solder on a 20 pin JTAG connector, like the BBB.

The fact that it has a built in USB to serial console means it doesn't have the 6 pin serial header that the BBB has, you just use a USB cable, which is kind of nice.

Because the USB hub is a power hog, when you power the BBW via USB, it will run at 500 Mhz rather than 720 Mhz.

The lack of onboard eMMC is disappointing.

My experiences


The availability of JTAG via USB intrigues me. The following link claims to describe the setup for openocd:

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