July 1, 2018

A serial console for the Beaglebone Black

On 7-1-2018 I downloaded the PRU code generation tools for linux version 2.1.15 This gives me the following 17.4 megabyte file:
Running this (it is an ELF file) gives a "wizard" -- I modify the install path to use /home/xxx/ti-cgt-pru_2.1.5 And there is a later version (as of 12/2017) which is version 2.2.1, so I deleted the above directory and figure I will use the newer stuff when I get busy with this.

Another approach

This is the PRU SDK set up by "Texane". This seems to use the nasty buggy "PRUSS" driver that I have had unpleasant experiences with in the past to allow all this to be used from Linux. Never mind all of that. What I want is a command line C compiler for the PRU, and that is very likely a component in the CCS. It may be easier to use the CGT stuff above though, but for now I am just stashing all of this stuff for a rainy day. CCS is "code composer studio", which is available for windows and linux. You have to look closely at the links on the TI page. The first is the "offline" installer, which will give you an 800M tar file. The second is an "online" installer, which gives you a much smaller file that will (apparently) turn around and download a huge amount of stuff.
-rw-rw-r--  1 tom tom 804371362 Jul  2 13:59 CCS8.1.0.00011_linux-x64.tar.gz
-rw-rw-r--  1 tom tom   9169687 Jul  2 13:53 CCS8.1.0.00011_web_linux-x64.tar.gz

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