December 8, 2013

The Beaglebone

These are my notes from back in 2013 when I was just getting started and struggling with the Angstrom distribution. Almost all of this is now irrelevant, but here it is for the record.

As of May, 2013, you can buy a Beaglebone black for $45.00. I bought two.

My experiences

Here are some of my notes:

Power Supply

The easy way to power the BBB is to just connect it via USB. The board runs fine with 500 mA of +5 volts supplied over the USB cable. If you for some reason want to power it via a DC power connector, you need to locate a 5 volt DC regulated supply. The DC power connector is center positive, 5.5 mm outer, 2.1 mm inner. A 1 Amp supply is more than sufficient unless a lot of stuff (particularly USB) is connected. Given that it runs from 500 mA limited USB, any supply that will give 500 mA or more would be fine.

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