November 28, 2019

My 1998 Honda Prelude

This is a Gen 5 Prelude with the 2.2 liter H22 motor. I have not yet done this repair, I am just gathering information towards that day.

The following tutorial has several major problems. For one thing it does not include vital torque values, but tells you to refer to the Helms manual. It says nothing about how to remove the crankshaft pulley, or the torque for the bolt to reinstall it. Last of all, all the images are ruined due to the Photobucket disaster that ruined so many online forums and tutorials. A curse on Photobucket. At this point it serves as a general outline of part of what needs to be done, with no details whatsoever.

So, here are some You Tube videos: There are two belts. The one in back is the actual timing belt. The two cam gears have arrows that should point straight up. At the same time, a notch in the small gear (probably hidden) below should line up with a mark on the block. ONLY rotate the motor counter-clockwise. The tensioner for the front belt you just push down on with your hand and then tighten.

The recommended (and easiest order) to install the timing belt is: crank to exhaust cam, then crank to tensioner, water pump then intake cam. Exhaust cam is towards the radiator, intake cam is to the rear (towards driver).

Torque spec for the Crank bolt is 181 ft-lbs. This is inconvenient, because my torque wrench only goes to 150. What do you expect for $20 at Harbor Freight tool?

To do the Timing belt, you will need to:

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