September 8, 2018

Termux and maps for Atopo

If you have a phone without an SD card slot and want to use atopo, you will need enough space on internal memory to hold the maps. If you have that, you will need to figure out how to copy the maps to your phone.

Install the termux app from the play store. Then type "pkg install openssh". Run the ssh server via "sshd" and kill it via "pkill sshd". Use "ifconfig -a" to discover your IP number.

Type control-C via holding the down volume and C. On your linux host you can contact the ssh server on your phone via "ssh -p 8022". However, you need to set up key authorization.

I ran ssh-keygen to generated the .ssh directory with proper permissions, but then just deleted the keys.

What I did was to copy my file (from my linux desktop) to a micro-SD card, pop that in my phone, and copy to ~/.ssh. The micro-SD card is /storage/extSdCard on my phone, but this seems to be different on every phone and android version. My authorized_keys file was empty, so I just copied to it, and I was in business.

After this, things are worlds easier because I can ssh into my phone and use a real keyboard to do things.

Use "scp -P 8022 *.tpq" to copy map files. Things could certainly be bundled using tar, since that is available under termux already with no extra packages. Crazy.

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