October 18, 2021

Printing Spyderco Mule handles

It all starts with this thread in the Spyderco Mule forum. The last version was posted on Thingaverse on July 6, 2021

These were designed by Gtscotty and he prints them on his Prusa printer and uses Prusaslicer.

He notes the following:

The scales have cavities for embedded nuts, so use a slicer like PrusaSlicer to find the first layer that covers the cavities and insert a pause in the G-code before that layer. When the print pauses, you can drop the four nuts into the cavities and the next layer should cover them.

Hardware Required:

4 each - M4 hex nuts
4 each - M4x12mm button head socket cap screws

My attempts to print and use these

I download the zip file from Thingaverse which contains images and several STL files.

I load an STL file into Cura and see pretty much nothing in the print area, and when I tell it to slice, I get a zero print time. Something is clearly wrong. This is not going to be quick and easy.

Back to this someday ....

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